Posted March 11th, 2021 By Yummy Jobs

The Culinary Employability Scholarship Program

The Details!

The CESP – Culinary Employability Scholarship Program combines world-class culinary education at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland with exciting internship and training opportunities in the United States, provided by Yummy Jobs.
Any student enrolling in July or October 2021 at CAAS in the bachelor’s, master’s, or Swiss Grand Diploma programs, can apply for this scholarship, for a value of up to CHF 3’600. With this scholarship, students will have the chance to embark on a 12-month sponsored internship in the USA with one of Yummy Jobs™ valued partners, gaining valuable work experience within the industry.

Students joining this program can choose between four different study programs and it includes a 12-month paid internship.

• Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts (CAAS Le Bouveret)
• Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts (CAAS Le Bouveret)
• Swiss Grand Diploma in Pastry & Chocolate Arts (CAAS Lucerne)
• Master of Arts in Culinary Business Management (CAAS Le Bouveret) CESP

Scholarship Includes

  • Medical insurance
  • US SEVIS fee (US Government tracking fee)
  • Internship program fee for 12-month paid internship
Upon successful interviews and enrolment into CAAS, students will be awarded the scholarship
Students applying for the CESP will be interviewed by CAAS and Yummy Jobs
About Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland 
Established in 2006 as part of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland offers a world-class education that blends culinary mastery with business practicality and hospitality knowledge. The Bachelor’s program, awarded by the University of Derby (UK) is perfect for future entrepreneurs looking to launch their food-based businesses, with equal hours split between the kitchen and the classroom, while the Swiss Grand Diploma programs offer an alternative, shorter term option, with three 11-week themed modules on Culinary Arts or Pastry & Chocolate Arts.
Sharing the campuses with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, a leading hospitality and business school, offers students a unique exchange with hospitality management students. Thanks to numerous partnerships with the likes of Ritz Paris and Kempinski, students benefit from rich expertise and exceptional internship opportunities in some of the most renowned companies in the world. Additionally, we are fortunate to count top chefs, including Chef Anton Mosimann (OBE) and the first Swiss female chef to be awarded a Michelin star, Irma Dütsch, as friends of Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. 
For further details about the study opprtunities offered by the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, please email