Posted August 16th, 2018 By Yummy Jobs

A fresh start in a new place!

Three weeks ago, I started a new position at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina as a Rooms Division Management Intern. Since I have started it has been a whirlwind of activities every day, learning all the different aspects of the rooms division, and getting to learn about the local area in my spare down time.
One of the most exciting parts about working for the Biltmore Company is that the work you do every day never stays the same - the guests you meet are always different. Hospitality is one of those jobs where you have to be a people person in order to move ahead, I'm glad I am one of those people. The one thing that does stay the same every day however, is the endless questions, asking where my accent is from, and if I know 'so&so'!
I was looking forward to training in the front desk when I got out here, and apparently my eagerness shone through. When I got signed off a few days ago to work by myself, a meme popped up in my work inbox by one of my trainers. Apparently, I looked like this all the way through training… 
My trainers and bosses have said I'm one of the fastest people they have seen to sign off, but I just chalk it up to my determination. I have been determined since I got out here to show my skills, and show everything I learned from university, now I get that opportunity to do so. Once I got signed off, I had to get a picture in my new uniform in front of my new workplace.
So, what about the local area, well Asheville as far as I can tell, is an awesome city, it's a city unlike the rest in the U.S, it does not match up to the rest of the south either, it’s weird but awesome, full of micro-breweries and cool architecture. It's even home to a couple of really old rivers called the French Broad River and the Swannanoa. Last week, myself and a couple of my friends, decided to go tubing down said French Broad River. That experience definitely was hilarious. If one goes to do it again, one must wear a lot of sun cream and take a lot of water. I've already scoped out the local outlet malls, finding things I want to buy but can’t afford and have got my phone set up in the US alongside Internet Access which is a huge relief to me.
Keep an eye out for James' next post, as we will be following his journey in the U.S.A with the Biltmore Estate! 
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