Posted March 20th, 2018 By Yummy Jobs

Hayley's Cultural Exchange Program

Applying for the Disney Cultural Exchange Program was the best decision and Summer of my life! This program allowed me to make lifelong friends and memories like no other!

From my first steps in Disney University going through traditions and getting your name badge, to that first Wal-Mart shop bonding with your flat mates! (Trust me... you will bond whilst rummaging through that maze of a place) this program has allowed endless adventures and possibilities every single day.

Some of my personal highlights from this program would have to be my role as a character performer getting to interact with guests being a special part of creating the magic for a variety of people from around the world, being a part of their experience is a heart-warming feeling I will never forget. Others include making friends from all different cultures, late night trips to Disney's Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks and drinking an unhealthy amount of Tomorrowland’s blue frozen Fanta (cannot recommend enough!).

Overall, I couldn’t recommend applying for this program anymore! Truly you will have a summer of a lifetime. – Hayley King, Disney CEP 2017 participant.