Posted January 13th, 2017 By Yummy Jobs

Swan & Dolphin Stories

Jamie White - Swan and Dolphin 2016 Intern

The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Career Advancement program is a really fun program that opens you up to the world of hotel operations. Marriott chain is official the biggest hotel chain in the world. The program has been amazing so far as I've had the opportunity to train across the board from recreation to social media to front office operations. It can sometimes be challenging as the hotel hosts 2200 rooms but it pushes your limits in the greatest of ways. It's such an amazing and fun program as the team makes you feel part of the global family.

I've met so many people from around the world doing this program and I'm hoping this program will be a platform onto the next step in hospitality. I recommend anyone who wants to go into hospitality or the tourism industry to do this program as it really does open so many doors for you. The Marriott is a fantastic company to work for as they have a really cool work ethic. The biggest benefit is that you have Disney and Universal on your door steps. Therefore the days off are fun packed and awesome! (Jamie White, 2016 Program)


Alexandria Hunstone - Swan and Dolphin 2016 Intern

In the four months since arriving in Orlando I have learnt so much at the Swan and Dolphin and have made some friends who I'll never forget and who I'd be now lost without! Starting off in recreation was a great way to introduce us into the resort as we got to learn so much about where everything was on property! This was valuable when we moved up to guest services as we could answer the guests questions which made me feel more relaxed on my first couple of days!

I have learnt how to handle different situations both good and bad with the help of training and the support of my managers and peers! It has shown me that there is so much to learn in hospitality and every situation is different especially in a resort as big as the Swan and Dolphin. It has been the best experience so far and I look forward to it continuing for the rest of my program! (Alexandria Hunstone, 2016 Program)