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Posted October 29th, 2015 By Yummy Jobs

Yummy Top 5!

Here at Yummy HQ, we have all been fortunate enough to experience working on an internship or training program abroad - with many of us also having experienced the J1 Programs. Together we have been discussing what we believe to be the best reasons to gain an internship abroad... and have decided on a Top 5 to share with you!


5 – Learn New Skills
Working and living in the U.S on one of our programs gives you the opportunity to do all sorts of amazing jobs you’d probably never even think of trying at home. Some of the skills you learn may not specifically be relevant to your future career, but there are more skills you will develop than you think! Whether that be communication, independance, guest service, or responsibility, they are all transferrable skills which will benefit any future career. 
An international program in the U.S makes a great story and it provides you with a lot of strings to your bow when you’re being interviewed for a new job. So why not try your hand at life guarding or even working as a Star Server on our Loews program at Universal Orlando Resort.

4 – Make Long-Lasting Friendships
This is by far the best part of the programs for the YJ team! As cliche as it sounds, you will meet plenty of people whilst on an international program through Yummy Jobs. You are surrounded with like-minded people with shared interests, which is why you all made the decision to go on a program! Here at YJ, we have even witnessed relationships being made whilst on our programs... you never know who you are going to meet! Make the most of every minute, believe us
 when we say it makes saying goodbye at the end a lot harder, but the memories will last longer and more importantly you will have friends from all over the world.  See friendships in action here.

3 – Give Your Life Some Direction
Are you stuck in the same old typing pool? If you are sick of believing that your life is at a standstill, then taking the decision to go abroad and work can be the spark that changes your mind set and your way of life... And hopefully open your mind! You will meet people that don’t necessarily think and live like you do, you might change the way you do things and even try things you never even imagined doing beforehand. You will make lasting and meaningful relationships and these few months or years abroad will guarantee to change you forever.

2 - It Opens Your Eyes!
All of our J1 programs have the opportunity for you to travel for up to 30 days after your program ends, meaning that you have the opportunity to see all the places you dreamed about going. Explore famous movie locations of New York, see amazing areas of natural beauty such as Yellowstone Park or Alaska, discover some of the most multicultural cities in the world such as Chicago & San Francisco or party the night away in Las Vegas. If you are on our Santa Catalina Management Training Program, then why not spend your own time exploring everything Los Angeles has to offer - it is on your doorstep! Go wherever you want to go with whoever you want to go with... just remember to save up whilst you're working!

1 - Become More Independent
Living abroad can definitely be a challenging experience, you will have to adapt to a new culture and a new way of life whilst being thousands of miles away from the comforts of everyday life. Submersing yourself into a foreign environment requires patience, flexibility and determination. This might not be an easy process at the beginning but it is a great way to broaden your horizons and gain valuable life experience that all employers are looking for these days. You will find yourself becoming more independent and will gain strength of character. Arranging your own travel, securing your job, sorting out a place to live and starting a new life all be it for 3 - 12 months; takes some guts and clued up employers and leaders will notice this on CV’s.

Our Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort program gives you pre-arranged housing in the heart of Orlando, Florida... meaning you get to enjoy everything that Orlando life has to offer!


Are you ready to begin your next adventure? Take a look at the range of opportunites we have available, and submit your application today!