Summer Work Travel - Costs

At Yummy Jobs we want to make your international experience as streamlined as possible. Our fee structure is a package price that includes all logistical elements of arriving on your program including; a visa sponsorship, pre-arrival guidance and medical insurance.
 Fees are only payable after you have successfully proceeded through the following processes;
1. Prescreen interview with a member of the Yummy Jobs team
2. Possible final interview/interviews with your desired training property
3. Received an offer letter from Yummy Jobs or your desired training property

Participants on a Yummy Jobs Summer Work Travel Program will be required to submit the following fees (after acceptance of an offer):


$1,800 USD- 3-month full placement program fee inclusive of visa sponsorship, medical insurance, pre-arrival support, pre-arranged job and pre-arranged housing.


  • U.S SEVIS fee - $35 USD
  • U.S. Embassy appointment fee = $185.00 USD
  • Flights to the United States = Varies
  • Housing pre-payment + first two weeks rent = $TBC (approx $1,300)  (this is an advance payment which helps to lower the weekly rent cost and secures housing across the summer + U.S arrivals support)​​


  • Weekly accommodation costs = $TBC (approx $200) USD per week
  • Additional supporting funds between $350.00 - $750.00 USD are recommended
All costs may be subject to change.