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If you have diverse working experiences then do not be afraid to take the highlights that you want from the job. Retail? No problem, explain how you assisted with the scheduling of 20 staff members, how you handled end of day procedures and exceeded monthly targets by x%. List the transferrable skills and accomplishments.  Any previous work that you have done has brought you to this point and is therefore relevant in the eyes of an employer.


Volunteering is a working experience and should definitely not be hidden away at the bottom of your CV. Compassion is a trait that is not easy to teach. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

List volunteering experience just like you would a job. Did you raise awareness on social media about the effects of climate change? Did you execute small-scale beach clean-ups? It shows an entirely different set of skills that were not money-motivated, and it shows that you have the initiative to be proactive over what you care about.

Be enterprising with this by reaching out to companies and asking if you can volunteer with them - not only is it a way to give back but it also a great way to build your network.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether you should put a photo on a CV. Our honest opinion (especially if you are dealing with a recruiter)? Yes!

Just remember that you could be the 100th person that recruiter has interviewed this month and a photo can really make the difference when it comes to reviewing candidates and helping to jog our memories. Aim to use a photo that is natural, professional and that has a clear background. Think passport photo – but remember to smile!