Program Summary


Following on from the success in hotspots Las Vegas and Miami, Chica by Chef Lorena is opening in Aspen Colorado and is offering the unique opportunity to be part of this dynamic team.
Chica by Celebrity Chef Lorena Garcia will transport guests through Latin America, featuring the robust and vibrant flavours of authentic regional dishes. Celebrating a rich blend of native ingredients and techniques that are forever weaved into American history and palate - from Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and more - CHICA pays homage to each culinary tradition all in one dynamic environment. From the wood fire grill to the traditional plancha and rotisserie for the signature Meyer Lemon Chicken, a combination of family traditions and passions will unite guests around the table and deliver a legacy of culinary delights. The atmosphere will be musically charged with Latin beats while a lively bar scene will feature cocktails and fine spirits frrom a regionally inspired curated beverage program, as well as a wine inventory that emphasises historial tied to old world wines. 
Part of the dynamic 50 Eggs Hospitality Group which has grown reputation for being a full-service creative firm focused on developing iconic brands powered by an engaging company culture and defined by world-class service within the hospitality and entertainment industries.
Operators, culinarians, service industry professionals and sales & marketing mavens alike join 50 Eggs for a career, not a job. They are defined by their Core Values, and led by the philosophy that “We Can Eat 50 Eggs.” They are committed to providing a space to not only do what their Teams love but to expand knowledge individually and cohesively to grow as a company within the various fields of restaurant hospitality.
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At the helm of 50 Eggs’ kitchens stands a team of award-winning culinary talent. Chefs collaboratively serve up consistently exceptional fare across several styles of cuisine, and each individual possesses a diverse background of expertise ranging from fast-casual to catering to fine dining.
Offering a training ground like no other, the 50 Eggs Hospitality Group Culinary Team prides itself on the development of future kitchen leaders and provides the hands-on experience necessary for anyone who strives for a successful back of house management career.
Interns work alongside the talented Team of chefs in order to learn how to provides restaurant guests excellent food quality, consistency, reasonable prices, in an attractive environment, and with professional service. 
Interns will participate in service education through:
• Daily line-ups;
• Quarterly menu meetings; and
• New server training programs
• It is also the Chef's responsibility to train the kitchen staff to produce meals promptly.
• The goal is to execute all tickets in twenty minutes or less.
Here is an example of the areas that Interns may train in while on the Program:
  • Line Cook
  • Prep Cook
  • Pastry Cook 
  • Expo/Receiver
So, why '50 Eggs'?
In the late 1960’s film classic Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman’s devil-may-care attitude lands him in a Florida jail for cutting off the heads of parking meters. Outnumbered, Newman is dared by his cellmates to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour. Fueled by his stubborn instincts and unwillingness to conform, Newman trumps his naysayers and defies all odds – proving that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.
It’s this ethos on which the company was founded. 50 Eggs is a place where ideas become plans, plans become actions and actions become success and growth. It’s a place where we always find a way to overcome the impossible – a place where we can eat 50 Eggs.
50 Eggs is comprised of highly-driven, passionate professionals who share a wide range of strengths and expertise. The Executive Team is proudly composed of a versatile task force of experts focused on company culture, guest service excellence, food and beverage management, training and development programs, and strong sales practices; a set of ingredients that set them apart from the rest.
Chef Jess grew up in San Diego, California and now resides in Las Vegas where she’s the corporate pastry chef for 50 Eggs Inc, and she oversees all brands; Yardbird, CHICA and Spritz brands!
After attending culinary school, the talented pastry chef realized what it meant to become a true chef while working Sushi alongside Chef Koji. Chef Jess is driven and strives to put out the best dishes possible. She believes that one must never stop learning and embraces the fact that knowledge is limitless.
Chef Jess is the winner of Food Network’s Desert game and season 3 Halloween Baking Championship Finalist! She’s also a cheese monger and a lover of passion fruit. 
Jessica's advice for aspiring chefs is to never stop learning. There are so many details that go into making a food-related business work and the more that you know, the more valuable you are. Research alternate cooking techniques, perfect your computer skills, learn how your equipment works and how to make minor repairs, or even branch out and explore different cultures and where dishes have originated. There are no limits to the amount of knowledge that you can obtain and use for your own benefit. One culinary tip every chef should know and perfect according to Jessica are knife skills. No matter what type of food you prepare, I think that knowing how to handle, cut, and sharpen your knives is something that is taken for granted too often and shows your professionalism and respect for your craft. Good food to Jessica means balance. not only just flavor, but also texture and temperature. Combine all of that and give me something I’ve never had before, then I’ll be talking about your food for years!