Program Summary


Are you ready for an Unforgettable Adventure?  🌍🏕️

Yummy Jobs and American Camp Exchanges
working together to create unqiue Summer Camp opportunities!
At Yummy Jobs we are passionate about offering lifechanging experiences, and that is why we are so excited to partner with American Camp Exchanges (ACE) to now offer an extraordinary Summer that you will never forget.
Let Yummy Jobs and American Camp Exchanges guide you through the process to find the Camp Counselor role at the Camp that best suits your interests and personality. the roles are either as  Camp Counsellor or dedicated Support Staff  and are offered through the exclusive BridgeUSA Camp Counselor and Summer Work & Travel visa. 
You.  Will. Not. Regret. It. 🚀
ACE Program is your gateway to a world of cultural exchange, where campers, counsellors, and support staff come together to create lasting memories and foster personal growth.
More than just a camp;  ACE Camps offer the opportunity to be immersed in thriving communities where young minds flourish and evolve into their authentic selves. Join us in shaping futures and creating a summer that resonates for a lifetime.  🌟🏞️

Camp opportunities

🌟 General Camp Counsellors: Jacks and Jills of All Trades
  • They've got a toolbox of skills as wide as a summer sky.
  • They lead campers, keep cabins cozy, and ensure camp-wide safety.
🎨 Specialist Camp Counsellors: The Masters of Fun
  • They're experts in activities like arts & crafts, archery, and climbing.
  • Their mission: sharing passion, giving lessons, and keeping it safe.
🙏 Faith-based Camp Counsellors: Faithful Fun-Makers
  • They bring the faith into camp life with smiles and enthusiasm.
🦸‍♀️ Special Needs Camp Counsellors: Heroes in Plain Clothes
  • They're everyday heroes who adapt lessons for all abilities.
  • Inclusivity and safety are their superpowers.
🏊‍♂️ Lifeguard Camp Counsellors: Sun, Sand, and Safety Savvy
  • They're skilled, attentive, and love soaking up the sun.
  • Certified to keep campers safe in and around the water.

Camp life

🏞️ Accomodation is shared with the campers
🚀 Working days usually are from 7 am to 9 pm with short breaks
🌍 Some camps are faith-based and others are secular. 

Participant Stipend

🌟 Minimum stipend of $2,000 for each participant for a 9 week Program, paid at Program end.
🏕️ $200 per week for each additional week. 


“Throughout the program, I was able to open up my personality completely, meeting people, extraordinary places, the best jobs and environments for a young university student who goes to another country with the purpose of gaining new experiences, living in the moment and enjoying life's moments.”
Mateo, Ecuador
Dependant upon your current personal circumstances, you can either be eligible as a Camp Counselor or as Support Staff as the criteria for each are different.
For the American Camp Exchanges Program - Camp Counselors will:
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a bona fide student, teacher, youth worker, or person with a specialized skill
    • School leavers can take part in the Summer after completing 'A' Levels or equivalent
    • Specialized skill is defined as at least six-months experience in a structured setting
  • Take part in a virtual interview conducted by Yummy Jobs and the Camp
  • Be able to prove that you will return home at the end of the program by showing ties to your home country
For the ACE Program - Support Staff will:
  • Be 18-28 years old.
  • Be registered as a full-time student at an accredited university or other state recognized institution of post-secondary education.
    • The degree/diploma course on which you are registered must be at least 2 years in duration.
    • You must have completed at least one semester of study.
    • Students on post-graduate courses which are less than two years can also be accepted (e.g. masters courses).
    • "Gap year" students or high school graduates are not eligible
  • Be able to function in an English-speaking work environment
  • Take part in a virtual interview conducted by Yummy Jobs and the Camp
  • Be able to prove that you will return home at the end of the program by showing ties to your home country

Total cost to Program Participant: £365 GBP 

There is NO registration or application fee, the remaining fees are in 3 stages:
1. £55 Commitment Fee – upon successful pre-screen interview with Yummy Jobs.
2. £160 – To accept a Job Offer and secure position as a Camp Counsellor
3. £150 – Payable prior to receiving the DS-2019 (required for application at US Embassy)

Program fee includes:

  • Access to Camp Database (would like to add in how many camps)
  • Step by Step Guide to providing the correct required documentation
  • Pre-Arranged Job Placement
  • Stipend of more than $2,000 for the first 9 weeks (plus $200 per week after 9 weeks)
  • J1 Camp Counsellor visa
  • Pre-departure Orientation
  • Medical Insurance
  • All accommodation and meals provided by the Camp
  • Ongoing one-on-one support

Additional costs:

  • SEVIS $35
  • Return flights - varies
  • US Embassy Appointment Fee $160
  • Personal Expenses, Cultural Activities
  1. Apply with your CV and relevant specialised skills Certificates
  2. Review of Application and Virtual Interview with Yummy Jobs
  3. Payment of 55 GBP + Enrolment on the American Camp Exchanges database
  4. American Camps contact for a virtual interview
  5. Payment of 150 GBP + Job Offer + Acceptance (within 30 days)
  6. Payment of 160 GBP + Receipt of Visa Document (DS-2019)
  7. Application to the US Embassy for the visa
  8. Go and have the Summer of your life!
American Camp Exchanges is operated by LifeTraveled, the premier destination for aspiring American camp counsellors since 2000. As a leading international education exchange organization, they are passionately committed to fostering cultural understanding, academic growth, and a profound appreciation for the global community.
At the heart of LifeTravelled's distinction lies their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. The talented coordinators specialise in anticipating the unique needs of participants, diligently fulfilling those needs, and consistently surpassing expectations. 
Choose Yummy Jobs - American Camp Exchanges - LifeTravelled to guarantee an American Camp journey of cultural exchange, personal development, and global camaraderie.