Yummy Jobs Ltd is an international recruitment company that specialises in Summer Jobs in the USA in the Hospitality industry, the best Hospitality Internships in the USA and Study Hospitality opportunities in Switzerland. Yummy Jobs Ltd was founded in the year 2000 and has developed many successful partnerships that allow our participant's unique opportunities to experience new cultures and increase their employability at the same time. We pride ourselves on providing Life-changing opportunities which can kick start careers!
We absolutely love what we do and feel fortunate to be contributing to the future careers of so many people!
One thing that all our partners have in common is that they share Yummy Jobs’ passion and vision for training, personal development and cultural exchange. It is extremely rewarding to watch how much our Participants enhance the Teams that they become part of.
  • In the CV heading you will share your general information.
  • Remember to stick to one font style throughout
  • Do not write CV on the top of your CV.  An employer knows this is your CV!
  • Include important information such as your full name, address, email and phone number. 

TOP TIP: Keep your email address professional!


  • What makes you the most suitable candidate for the role?
  • Think about what makes you unique.. If you don’t know this yourself, then how do you expect a potential employer to see or understand?
  • How do these relate to your prospective employer?
  • Identify the characteristics that match with the employer and their brand.

Do not be afraid to say that you are a “passionate content-creator”, or that you are a graduate with an “entrepreneurial spirit”. Employers like to see what they can gain from you that will benefit their company and show examples. Businesses will expect their employees to have traits like “drive, loyalty, passion, etc”; it is important to let them know from the start what you are bringing to the table.

What ingredients do you have that make you the best candidate?

  • Knowledge 
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Competencies
  • Achievements
  • Goals