Program Summary


One of the greatest benefits of the Disney International Programs is the experience gained whilst working as a Cultural Representative.
In the Cultural Representative Program, participants share their culture and customs with guests who visit from all over the world. Participants in this program will authentically represent the country of The United Kingdom, working for The Crown and Crest at the United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot. The Crown and Crest is an operating participant company which has an extensive working library for heritage and heraldry, family crests, coats of arms and family name histories.
The Crown and Crest is an exciting retail location located at EPCOT at the Walt Disney World Resort. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality service while helping them discover the history of their family names. The Crown and Crest helps to transport our customers to the United Kingdom by giving them a one of a kind retail experience. We offer our customers a variety of goods inspired by the United Kingdom from clothing to replica swords. The Crown and Crest is committed to a sustainable tomorrow by ensuring all products are ethically and sustainably sourced.
The Crown and Crest is independently operated from the Walt Disney Corporation.
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The Disney Cultural Representative Program, with The Crown and Crest, sees you working at The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL on a Q-1 Cultural Representative Visa. You will however be employed directly by Basin who is the owner of The Crown and Crest and is operated independently from Walt Disney World.
The role is Merchandise and participants will be paid an hourly wage of $17 per hour , with at least 32 hours of work per week.
Nestled among the stores in the United Kingdom Pavilion. Your day-to-day will include searching for Guests family names in the database to find information about the history of their name as well as their family coat of arms. You will then be able to offer their coat of arms on a number of merchandise. This can range from prints guests can take away there an then, priced $25 to $40, framed pieces you will have the chance to learn to create from $75 to $250 as well as embroidered items such as hand-stitched framed items, clothing and handed painted house signs and mugs which cost anywhere from $40 to $2000.
You’ll have the chance to learn about heraldry and the meaning behind colours and symbols to explain to guests about their own coats of arms. There are also opportunities to learn to frame and prepare orders to be shipped, and the possibility to work up to helping with administration and backstage duties if this is something you want to get involved in! This role would especially suit someone with an interest in History, with a personable manner who enjoys selling by creating bonds with guests from around the world.
One of the most unique aspects of the Disney International Programs is just how international they really are! Every day, you'll have the experience of living and working with cast members from all over the world.
Participants on the Disney International Programs live in the brand new state of the art, Flamingo Crossings Village. Fully furnished apartments set among an array of amenities including fitness centres, transportation systems, swimming pools and computer labs – providing an exciting setting for you to build relationships and create lifelong memories. You can also participate in cast member events and scheduled activities throughout your program. During your personal time, you'll even have the opportunity to visit Disney parks and explore everything that Orlando, Florida has to offer. What more could you want?
Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, you'll have the option to share a bedroom with one other Disney International Programs participant and the cost which includes all utilities is between $202 - $246 USD per week.
In order to make the living experience more convenient for you, housing costs are automatically deducted from participants' weekly paycheck. Participants will also help support the exclusive activities and events they'll get to attend throughout the program by contributing a one-time fee of $446 USD at the time of offer (Disney Program Participation Fee).
  • Have extensive previous experience in Sales and Retail
  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application
  • Have grown up in the United Kingdom and hold a valid UK passport 
  • Be available for a full 12-month contract starting in 2025
The Crown and Crest is looking for highly skilled upbeat individuals to help guide our customers through this one of a kind retail experience.  People who can work hard and love interacting with our customers on a personal level to help them discover this unique product.  
Applicants must be able to authentically represent the United Kingdom and should have first-hand knowledge of the customs, traditions, and culture of the UK that they can share with the public.
This is a highly competitive Program!
  • Successful candidates are those who demonstrate their high level of professional abilities in the field of Sales.
  • This can be demonstrated on a CV and Cover Letter which highlight a strong track record in Sales, alongside a true passion for sharing the culture of the United Kingdom with others.
  • It is important for applicants to prove their ability to live and work abroad independantly.

Role responsibilities will include 

• Interacting with customers through product consultations.  
• Learning Crown and Crest product knowledge.  
• Approaching customers to help them discover their Family Name History.  
• Maintaining the store inventory and cleanliness.  
• Preparing products for final sale (ie framing print outs of Family Crests or Name Histories).  
• Assisting customers in the check out process.

Participants on the Cultural Representative Program with The Crown and Crest will be required to submit the following fees:


  • Program Participation Fee = $442
  • Transportation Cost = $35.00 USD (per week, automatically deducted from bi-weekly paycheck) 
  • U.S. Embassy Appointment Fee = $205.00 USD / can vary dependant upon Embassy process
  • Medical Insurance = $550.00 USD to $900.00 USD (must be purchased in full prior to arrival into the U.S).
  • Flights to the United States = Varies


  • Weekly Accommodation Costs = $202.00 - $246.00 USD (automatic payroll deduction)
  • Additional supporting funds between $350.00 - $750.00 USD are recommended


Please note, all fees are subject to change and may change without notice.