Posted January 1st, 1970 By Yummy Jobs

Ben's time at the Seagate Hotel and Spa

Ben is currently on our 12-month program with the Seagate Hotel and Spa in Delray Beach Florida! We caught up with him to find out how his program is going.
Why the USA?
Travelling is always thrilling. I have been experiencing the hospitality world while working in Vietnam, doing an internship in Switzerland, and now in the U.S. The program offers you the chance to understand a whole new working environment and a different way customers react to what you can offer within this industry. So, working while traveling and experiencing, sounds very interesting to me. And I promise you, the U.S is going to be a whole new adventure that you should have in your life.
Best Experience
As a working man, I spend most of my time at the hotel. This does not mean that I can not explore the U.S culture. Talking and working with the locals is the best way for you to learn how American do their business. Those nights out with colleagues and the new friends you are going to make after work are also one of the best experiences you gonna have here in America.
Biggest Learning
How to deal with customers. American guests are demanding and require service to meet up to their expectations. This can be understandable. However, being flexible and communicating with your team are the most important tools that will help you deal with the guest. 
You can find out more information on the Seagate Hotel and Spa program here!