Posted January 1st, 1970 By Yummy Jobs

Hafsa's time at Grove Park Inn

Hafsa is currently out on our Omni Grove Park Inn program out in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina! We caught up with her and asked her some questions about how her program is going.
Why did you decide to take your Internship in the USA?
Taking my internship in the USA was a great chance for me to travel, expand my knowledge in the field that I have chosen and gain an unimaginable amount of experience all in one.
How are you developing personally and professionally while on the Program?
I have, in the few months that I've been part of the program, improved my knife skills, worked and networked with amazing hoteliers and learned more about myself. I also continue to grow more in love with my line of work/ chosen career path and couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity and the growth that it has brought to me so far.
If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about a program, what would it be?
Why not? Why not right? Because if you're thinking about it, and you really wanna do it, why scare yourself out of this. Go for it!!! You've got this and it's a guarantee that you will not regret it. ☺️
Can you talk about a typical day at work?
I get to work at 8 am, change into my uniform and think to myself, am I sleepy, yes, a little bit... But I'm gonna have an amazing day! 
I then head up to the kitchen where my colleagues and I proceed to set up for lunch service which begins at 11.
By the time service begins, time moves so fast (because time moves fast when you're having fun :p) and before I realize it, it's 4 pm and time to call it a day.
If I am through with my duties for the day, I wrap up, prepare to call it a day and look forward to the next one.
What do you do in your time off?
I mostly sleep and get some rest, but I also have been travelling around with some friends, sightseeing, visiting family and trying out a bunch of new food stores. 
What is the most interesting aspect of working and living in the USA?
The most interesting aspect of working and living in the USA has been learning more about the culture here and interacting with people from all types of backgrounds. I have made a whole lot more friends from all over the world, and cannot wait to travel around more, see more and learn more!
Top tips…
1. Keep an open mind.
2. Keep your head on straight.
3. Take risks!! That move that scares you, it's gonna pay off, do it ;P
4. Have fun :)
How did Yummy Jobs assist you on the journey?
I came across this opportunity through yummy jobs, and they helped me apply, prepare my documents, and have a more than warm and successful integration into my internship.
The team also sent over representatives to pay me a surprise visit at the hotel after I had arrived, which I really appreciated because it felt amazing to finally meet the people that had helped me land my internship in person instead of over a zoom call.
I cannot thank the yummy jobs team enough for not only making this a possibility for it but walking me through it and still checking in on me even after.
You can find out more information on the Omni Grove Park Inn program below.