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Max's Internship with Hakkasan Group!

Max has recently completed a Professional Internship with Hakkasan Group, situated at their London HQ. Read below for our Q&A session with Max and check out what he has to say about his Internship as well as life in the U.K!
Can you tell us a little about your internship with Hakkasan Group?
I was an “operations assistant and projects intern” in the London head office of the Hakkasan Group. The internship started off with a few weeks of operational introduction in all of the London outlets. This gave me the opportunity to get an insight into the front of house structure and procedures, as well as getting a feeling for the 3 brands and meeting the staff. Following this, I started at the head office. The operations assistant’s duties included working on brand guidelines, controlling and forecasting, service operational procedures and feasibility studies. The projects intern part involved learning about the steps of project management and putting them into place, with which I was mostly occupied. 
What attracted you to complete your internship with Hakkasan Group?
Having carefully researched the Hakkasan group in the global hospitality industry, the pace and determination of the company to develop and expand unique high-quality restaurants and entertainment venues had very much impressed me. My goal was to advance my knowledge about how an exceptionally innovative company, like the Hakkasan group, is developing new concepts and business ideas, particularly in the context of strategic aspects for geographical expansion. I was furthermore focused on how high-level standards for new and existing outlets are defined and maintained, regarding food and beverage, service, entertainment and interior design.
What was your favourite thing about living in London during your internship?
The impressing variety of different cuisines and entertainment in one city.
How do you think this internship has helped you with your career development?
The biggest skill I gained during my internship was project management. This takeaway was very helpful to grow my teamwork and interdisciplinary leadership skills, especially in terms of organizing, structuring and overseeing. I will be able to use this for any project in the future and it confirmed my future ambition to be in a position, where I have to take full responsibility for a project. Furthermore, I have developed an understanding of the operational aspects of fine dining and the involved importance of quality and control. I learned about building a structure to create a brand. Lastly, I acquired knowledge about the soft and hard factors of a feasibility study for new outlets. In addition, I was able to connect the dots of my hospitality studies by putting theory into practice.
Why would you recommend a Professional Internship with Hakkasan Group to others?
Alongside the great coffee machine and the colleagues who are always there for a chat and laugh, it is the supportive and forward thinking atmosphere in the office that really makes me recommend this internship. You have the chance to live out your passion for food and beverage by being involved in great projects within a worldwide recognized hospitality company with high level standards.
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