Posted September 1st, 2023 By Yummy Jobs

MIT at The Boca Raton with Ankita

We caught up with Ankita and she gave us this little snippet of what it is like to work at The Boca Raton in Florida!
As a first-timer in Florida, what I love most about working at The Boca Raton is how open and welcoming everyone is at the resort. I did not feel anxious at all for a first-timer and I felt like I belonged from the get-go. I believe the main reason why I chose to work in the USA was to experience the work culture as I had already seen how the work culture in the Middle East and Europe was. Mainly, I see it as a way to experiment with incorporating everything that I learned in the Middle East as well as Europe in my time here in the USA. My best experience so far is meeting everyone here and forming long-lasting connections with each and every one of them. Exploring Florida with my friends would be another great experience although there is not a lot of it happening due to how busy we get at the resort, unfortunately, but oh well, all in good time. The biggest learning so far was how quick I was able to pick up everything in my department which also put me in a position to be an interim departmental trainer for the new employees. Being given this honour was a major positive for me as it allows me to prove my potential in this MIT program. 
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