Posted July 6th, 2021 By Yummy Jobs

Barbara's J1 Program in Florida

The best thing about the Program was definitely the Leaders of Departments that I worked with. Both Teams that I was working with were aware of what my program was as well as what was required of me. I felt that I was being expected and welcomed especially by being able to have close and clear communication with the Human Resources department. 

While on the Program i developed personally and professionally mainly because the Team I was working with was always open to share what the best activities in town were as well as give me suggestions of how could I enjoy the area on my days off. I was able to make friends at the resort as well as in the area where I was living, and knowing that I had that support made an immense difference in my experience.

Committing to my Program and being a Team Player were certainly the main aspects that contributed to the continuation of my career at the resort. Respecting the company's guidelines as well as being proactive and flexible demonstrated how interested I was in developing my professional growth.

What I learned by this time working in  the USA?

To treat others the way you expect to be treated even when it is not mutual. Working in such an intense environment with so many personalities made me realize the importance of increasing my levels of allowance and honoring who I am and what works for me. Not having expectations about what others may say or do also contributed massively to how well I dealt with the daily challenges of working in the Hospitality Industry. 

My J1 Program certainly was a game-changer for my future career. It gave me the possibility of meeting incredible professionals from all areas as well as identifying what were my strengths and weaknesses as a Team Member and how could I improve toward the success of my career. 

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about a program, what would it be? Be you! Trust yourself and do not be afraid of making new choices. Being a Team Player will take you far away. 

The assistance that Yummy Jobs provided to me before and during the Program was essential! Knowing that Yummy Jobs was a crucial component of my support system throughout my program made a huge difference. Their Team Members are incredibly attentive and knowing that most of them also did a similar program to mine also influenced how they presented the experience of being a part of a Manager In Training Program.

The Living experience was Amazing! My apartment was situated less than a 5 minutes walk from the resort and it was ready to have when I arrived. The facility was great and had all the features I required to have an amazing time in the USA.

Where did you visit on your time off? Orlando & Miami were my favorite locations! Especially Miami and its amazing restaurants.

Top tips… Do not be afraid to change. Be flexible. Be you. Have fun!