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James' Biltmore Story Continues!

#MYYUMMYSTORY | Since my last blog post, it has been a very busy month. I've been out along the great smoky mountains, been through my second 'hurricane' and started a lot of my Manager on Duty training at work.
Lets start off with work at the Biltmore this month. I'm still enjoying the opportunities that are arising from work and even though I have been here for a small time now, the continual training is fantastic. Over this past month I have been to sales training for a three day period so I could learn how to use the reservations system and dispense tickets for the house and all the tours. I have also been on my Day 1 of Lodging Orientation, so I could get to understand the history behind The Inn on Biltmore Estate and what it currently offers. I have started to progress into my Manager on Duty training, learning everything I need to know before I go it alone. I can't wait to see what that the next month brings at work, with more training, more guests and the Christmas season preparations. It's going to be a fun one!
My host city is Asheville and there is a lot to explore and a lot to see. It is a beautiful city that is so photogenic! From the Basilica of St Lawrence, to the theater, chocolate lounge and the historic Grove Arcade, there is so much to see and so much to do. You always have to end the day with food though and what better than a pizza. That's one thing there is no shortage of in Asheville, and it's all delicious.
Another thing there is no shortage of in Asheville is breweries and craft beer. Throughout this month I got to visit the Thirsty monk, the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company and Wild Wing Cafe! When in the top city in the USA for Beer, you do have to sample every once in a while.
We were taken by the Biltmore on a cultural activity this last month to something called the Apple Festival in Hendersonville which is the next town over. It is safe to say their was a lot of Apples. It reminded me of a Village Fair in the UK, I got a few things and I generally had a good time.
BY FAR, one of the best activities I did this month was going on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad with my colleague Joe. It is a half day train journey, across the mountains, seeing fantastic sights before stopping at the NOC (Outdoor Adventure Center). I could not have asked for a better journey or better weather, it was simply perfect.
As with any month, there is also a bad side. This month saw the arrival of Hurricane Florence and no part of North Carolina was left untouched. By the time it got to Asheville it was a mere Tropical Depression, not nearly as powerful but it still brought a lot of rain to us, not the winds but the rain. We bought in 'hurricane supplies' but we did not really need them, but it was nice to have some extra snacks in the house. Either way this was not my first Hurricane, the last one I faced was when I was in Florida during my Disney Academic Exchange Program when Hurricane Matthew hit. I felt that one was more terrifying personally but again I was closer to the coast then than I was now.
Speaking of Disney and to finish off this blog, this month one of my great friends from my program came to visit me. Maggie came down to Asheville and we explored Biltmore for the full day, ate Ice Cream and then of course went to go get some chicken wings (Is it bad that I sounded that out in a southern accent). So from me here at the Biltmore Estate I wish you a happy October and I'll see you in a months time!
Keep an eye out for James' next post, as we are following his journey in the U.S.A with the Biltmore Estate! 
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