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Emma's Swan and Dolphin Experience

 Read below for our Q&A session with Emma and check out what she has to say about her Internship in the USA!
What has been your program highlight?
There are many highlights from this program and it was honestly the best year full of memories that I’ll remember forever. Reflecting back at the program one of the highlights were the days we had over 1000 room turn around at the resort. It is a huge achievement to say you are part of the team that could achieve this while still delivering the high standard of customer service. This is also an amazing experience on your CV and to talk about with future employees.
Another highlight is also being able to share your culture. As soon as a guest hears my English accent on the phone or at the front desk they ask questions about it or want to know where you are from. Guests tell you about their experiences of England or want to ask questions. I also get to learn about where they are from and recommended places to visit across the world. It is nice to build that connection with guests straight away and make a connection.
Why would you recommend your Program?
If you are looking to start a career in the hospitality industry then there is no better hotel to start at other than the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. Not only is it in the middle of Walt Disney World but it is also a Marriott resort which are both world renowned world leaders in the industry. It is one of the largest hotels in Orlando and you get to gain valuable experience. Living in a different country for a year is also a valuable asset on your CV. You get to share your culture every day with guests talking about home as well as learning about the different places guests visit from.
What is the most useful thing that you have learnt so far?
The most valuable thing I learnt on the program is how to handle the range of situations that arise. You never know what the next guest in line will require. While in guest services you answer 100's of calls a day from guests across the world as well as guests in the resort requiring different information or assistance. On reflection it is amazing to see how much information I learnt as well as how to handle guest confrontation. Guest confrontation situations do arise but you just have to listen and empathise to the guest and help them resolve any situations. Handling these situations can be hard at the start but you learn how to resolve them and it develops you as a person when you can deal with them without the help of supervisors or managers.
What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying?
The advice I would give if you’re thinking of applying for this program is to APPLY! Not only is the learning experience a great start to your career in hospitality but you get to live 10 minutes away from Walt Disney World in Orlando. Days off are spent with your friends in the parks, at the beach, around the pool or exploring the area. There aren’t many jobs you can catch the sun around the pool before work and then go and make Disney magic during your shift at work.
What is your top recommendation for someone to do on their day off?
There is so much to do in Orlando that it is hard to give one recommendation. Other than visiting all the attractions and the parks in Orlando one of my top recommendations would be to go to one of the many beaches with friends and spend the day there, making the most of  the year round sunshine. Also Cowboys, a country and line dancing club near downtown Orlando is like nothing I had experience before but turned into one of my favorites places for me and my friends to go.
What is your favourite thing about the living experience?
My favorite aspect of the living experience was getting to live with my five roommates. Living with people from around the world was one of the highlights of the program. We would share our culture with each other every day always learning and experiencing something new. For example we would always cook for each other the different foods and meals. We would always try and celebrate each other’s holidays like Thanksgiving, Australia day, Pancake Day and St Patrick ’s Day.
What do you hope that this opportunity will do for your future career/life?
There is no doubt that this experience will help my future career and life. The program has taught me so much in the front office department and hospitality industry. The 2,500 room Marriott resort in the middle of Disney World won’t compare to any other resort. You deal with so many different situations due to the busy resort that there aren’t many situations that I haven’t experienced. I now have friends in Orlando as well as all over the UK and can’t wait to visit them all. Living away in another country is certainly a life changing experience and I’ve learn a lot about myself. I recommend this program to anyone.
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