Posted September 13th, 2023 By Yummy Jobs

Roisin's Disney Delight: A Dazzling Dive into the Yummy Dream

In this new and exciting blog post, Roisin takes us on a magical journey through her life-changing experiences with Yummy Jobs and Disney International Programs! From first working at the Chippy in 2014 to moving permanently to Canada with her husband, Roisin has been on an incredible journey!
I'm Roisin, and I'm originally from a small town in Essex called Benfleet. I grew up in a big Disney family, so I always wanted to work for Disney, but it was on a trip in 2011 for my sister's Disney wedding that I found out about the program, and I knew I had to do it! It took me three tries to apply, as it's such a competitive program, but it was definitely worth the wait!
I would summarize #myyummystory journey as my wildest dream. I first did the cultural representative program back in 2014, another in 2017, and here I am again on my third! The program has completely changed my life in the very best way - I met my husband on my second program and have settled in Canada permanently with our golden retriever, Bear.
The friendships and relationships that you make on these programs are unlike anything I've experienced before. It takes a certain kind of person to pack up their life and move halfway across the world to work for a mouse, so finding your people is such an incredible feeling! The experiences I've had during and as a result of the program have been so magical; I genuinely believe I'm the luckiest girl in the world!
The most memorable moment from my programs was definitely on my second program when I saw my husband for the first time. I was on the register at the Yorkshire Fish & Chip shop when he walked past in his Canadian costume. There was an instant connection, and I knew I had to get to know who he was... and, of course, the rest is history! Six years later, we are about to celebrate our four-year wedding anniversary with a club-level staycation at Wilderness Lodge! (I'm still not quite sure how this is actually my life.)
The program has helped me personally and professionally in so many ways. Firstly, whenever I have an interview, I always feel like I have a leg up working for Disney! It's always a conversation starter, as it's such a well-respected company. I am so much more confident in myself!
If I had any advice for someone looking to do a Yummy Jobs program, it would be to make the most of your program by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, travel, experience new things, and never forget that you are the magic!
You can view Roisin's program adventures on both Instagram and TikTok - @roisinofthenorth.
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