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Julie's double program experience

Are you ready for an inspiring story of adventure, personal growth and career success? We recently caught up with Julie, who participated in not one but two of our Yummy programs! Julie’s journey has taken her from Ulster, to Orlando, and now on to becoming a part of the prestigious British Airways team. Let’s fly into her #myyummystory experience and learn about the transformation impact that our programs have had on her life.
1. Where did you do your programs, and what did you do while on them?
From 2016-2017, I worked at Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort with Loews Hotels, where my primary roles were a Club Level Concierge and a Front Desk Agent. After going back to university and graduating a few years later, I decided to add another string to my bow and then worked at Walt Disney World in Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion on the Cultural Representative Program. I initially started as a full-time server and then progressed to becoming a trainer halfway through my program. 
2. How would you summarise your #myyummystory?
I would say #myyummystory journey was the most amazing few years of my life - I built friendships from people all over the world, learned valuable life skills (like learning how to use a washing machine!) and both years were very spontaneous, every day was different and a new opportunity to grow, learn new things and meet new people. 
3. What do you think your most memorable moments from your programs were?
My most memorable moment of my Loews Hotels program were the days spent at the parks with my roommates and work colleagues. Having free entry into both Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure was a massive plus - also the boys I lived with and I became like a little family and a safe space to come home to! 
My most memorable moment of my Cultural Representative Program was without a doubt Christmas Day 2019. A lot of my friends and I worked this day and being away from family, it’s a day a lot of people dread but we had a lovely family Christmas dinner made by our friend Guy and a secret Santa gift swapping. It was the most wholesome night and I’m very grateful I got to spend it in my home away from home, with the people who made my year the best. 
4. How do you think your programs aided with your own development?
I think both programs helped me develop personally and professionally in many ways. On my first program with Loews Hotels, I was only 20 years old when I initially moved to Orlando so everything was new and bigger, I learned a lot of customer service skills and I was living with others every day so adjusting to having roommates. Then when I started my Disney Program, a lot of the skills I had learned, before I was able to transfer to this job. I also speak Spanish too so living in Orlando on both occasions brought this on fully as well. My current role at the moment is Cabin Crew and I truly don’t believe I would be where I am today without both of these programs - they shaped me into the person I am and the skills I have gained over the years have been second to none. 
5. What are your top tips for anyone considering participating on a Yummy Jobs program?
Understand that you are going to feel homesick at random points during your program. It is completely normal and validated. Try and get yourself out of your apartment or housing complex, alone or with friends! Take a trip to the parks, Target or Starbucks! Anything to get you into the fresh air and distracted! FaceTime friends and family if you need to and take time for yourself!
Enjoy every second of your program and take pictures to keep the memories - a year seems like a long time but trust me, it really flies in and you’ll be home a lot quicker than you think! Grasp every opportunity to do something different 🩷 
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