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Yummy Social Community Standards

Yummy Social gives you the opportunity to publish your own story, interact with people from around the world and meet like-minded individuals.  Yummy Social also allows you to appreciate and experience the world through the eyes of other international programme participants.  This social network was built to allow all participants the opportunity to share travel stories, share programme experiences and meet new people.  In order to allow a diverse and multi-cultural experience whilst in Yummy Social we ask that allow participants meet the community standards as outlined below.  By using Yummy Social you agree to meet the standards outlined below.  Failure to meet and maintain the following standards will result in reporting of content, removal of content and removal from the social network.  Failure to comply with the below standards may also result in any termination of a programme agreement between you, Yummy Jobs Ltd and any third party involved with a hiring decision. 

Please note Yummy social is a monitored network.

Please review the standards listed below.  They will provide you with an understanding of what is deemed acceptable with regards to interaction and posting on Yummy Social. 

Violent or Threatening Behaviour

Yummy Social promotes a safe environemnt for participants and members of our social platform to interact.  Yummy Social is to be recognised as a safe domain and safety is our top priority at all times.  Yummy Social will remove any content that is deemed unacceptable or that has been reported as violent or threatening.  If required Yummy Social will inform the appropriate law enforcement authority of any behaviour or posting that showcases an immediate threat, risk of physical harm or threat to public safety.  In participating on Yummy Social you may in no circumstance threaten others, participate in organisation of acts of violence or threatening behaviour or promote threatening or violent behaviour or organisations that may be associated with such behaviours.  Yummy Social has a zero tolerance for any behaviour that is deemed as threatening, criminal, or violent.  Any user or participant violating the terms of use will be removed from Yummy Social.  It is at the discretion of Yummy Social to remove any information that we see fit.

Harassment and Bullying

Yummy Social is a community that is designed to encourage mutual sharing of experiences, cultural diversity and the creation of new international friendships.  The Yummy Social platform will not tolerate any kind of harassment or bullying.  Users of Yummy Social are able to speak freely and interact with other social users however any form of harassment or bullying will lead to termination of a user's account and could impact any prospective or in process employment opportunities offered by Yummy Jobs Ltd.  A Yummy Social user is able to report any perceived harassment or bullying through the Yummy Social network. Upon receiving a report of this content the Yummy Jobs Ltd Team will review and make the appropriate decision on how to move forward. 

Speech Imagery and Video

Yummy Social is a platform that allows free speech for all participants.  However Yummy Social does not permit any speech that could be deemed as hate speech, abusive or threatening speech or any other kind of content that could be seen as offensive.  Yummy Social will be monitored and has profanity filters in place.  Yummy Social does not permit any speech that attacks others through race, ethnicitiy, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical conditions.  Any user of Yummy Social using speech as a vehicle to attack or abuse another social user will be removed from the social environment.

Yummy Social allows users and programme participants to share their images and videos with other users within the social network.  Yummy Social does not permit the sharing or uploading of graphic content, or images that contain explicit imagery such as nudity or pornography.  Any content uploaded by a user that contains content that is graphic in nature or contains nudity or pornography will be removed from the social environment immediately.

 Privacy/Identity and Intellectual Property on Yummy Social

Yummy Social is a platform that allows participants and users to connect using real information such as their full name, date of birth and details related to their identity.  Yummy Social asks that as a user of this social platform you do not publish any personal information relating to another user without their consent or permission.  Yummy Social users are only able to have one account and creation of an account based on false or misleading information is against the rules of the social community.  Users are able to report any incidents of multiple accounts or misleading information to the Yummy Social Team.  Yummy Social allows users to share content such as images, information and additional items.  Please ensure that you have the right to share content before posting onto Yummy Social.  Yummy Social requests that you accept all copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights.  Yummy Social does not accept any responsibility or liability related to users sharing content that they are not permitted to.

Your Security on Yummy Social and Reporting Abuse

Yummy Social takes your security very seriously and works to prevent attempts to compromise your privacy and security.  Yummy Social is an ongoing platform that is constantly monitiored and has been created in a secure web environment.  Yummy Social will not allow any third parties or advertisers to contact you using your personal details or data.  A Yummy Social user can report abuse directly to the Yummy Social Team.  In order to report abuse or block a user please click the cog link in your profile related to the content that you wish to report.