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Win a £500 flight contribution

You are accepted on your program and nearly ready to go, but what about flights?  Well the Yummy Jobs team has a great competition which will allow you to win up to £500 towards your USA flight.

Book now by emailing or calling our Yummy Travel Team and you will be entered into the draw for this amazing prize.

  • To qualify bookings need to be made through the Yummy Travel team at STA Travel, contact can be made by emailing yummytravel@statravel.co.uk or 0333 321 3102 between 01/12/32015 and 31/03/2015. Once booked and the winning draw has been made the winner will be contacted to arrange a refund of a maximum of £500 of their flight cost, if the flight purchased cost less than £500 the amount refunded will cover the cost of the flight only.