Posted September 1st, 2023 By Yummy Jobs

Andreea's Rhode Island Adventure

Andreea took part in a 12-month food and beverage internship program with The Ocean House in Rhode Island. We had the chance to catch up with her and ask her some questions about her experience!
   1. Who is your host employer, and what is your role?
I started my first internship in The United States at The Ocean House Hotel in Rhode Island for one year. I started as a destination service agent. After two months, I started working as a banquet server, meanwhile working as a destination service agent. After four months, I started being a hostess in the main hotel restaurant, The Bistro. Currently, I work as a hostess, as my final position.
   2. What are you enjoying most about your Program experience?
During my training program, I enjoyed many things such as: having the opportunity to learn about different departments from such a big hotel, working with so many people, and learning different work ethics from each one of them. However, last but not least, exceeding the guest's highest expectations and making them feel welcome as if they are in their own home is what I enjoyed the most.
In the end, seeing our guests happy is what made me realize that my hard work is rewarded.
   3. What have you learnt that has been valuable to your future career?
During this year, changing so many departments, I learned how to adapt, prioritize my tasks, how important the sense of emergency is, and how essential communication is between coworkers and other departments. What I always wanted was to provide the best experience for our guests.
All those things will help me in my future career, not just in the hotel industry but also in any field I will potentially work in.
   4. What cultural/travel experiences have you got planned or already completed?
I am so grateful that this program allowed me to get in touch with so many people from all around the world, learn about their culture and see some of the most famous places in the world as New York, Niagara Falls, and Boston.
But what I enjoyed the most was my trip to Hawaii, where I had the opportunity to see spectacular views, try traditional Hawaiian food, and connect with nature.
   5. What “top tip” would you give to any applicants who are considering a Yummy Jobs Program?
The only tip that I would give to any potential applicant is: “Take any new work opportunity as an experience, take advantage of every new place to create unforgettable memories, and take the chance to meet people that might change your life .”