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Aaron's Year in NYC!

Aaron has spent the last 12 months truly living the U.S dream in New York City. He is a participant on our exciting Events Management Training Program with Convene, based in Manhattan, NYC! Read below for our Q&A session with Aaron and check out what he has to say about his Internship in the USA!
What has been your favourite moment on the Program?
It would be hard to pick just one and I think there is a few that I could collate. One of my favourite moments is the realisation of what I am doing, I could be sat in a small coffee shop in East Village or in my barber's shop chair and it just hits me where I am, what I am doing and what I have achieved. One of my favourite moments on the program was probably when I first arrived here in New York, the first thing we did was go to a rooftop and just marvel and talk about how excited we were to be here. Even though I have been here 11 months now I still catch myself just looking up and thinking "wow, I am really here".
Why would you recommend your Program in particular to others?
I think my program would be great for someone who wants to gain a lot of experience in the event industry very quickly, I was given a lot of responsibility early on and have gained experience that is invaluable. Shortly after starting I was promoted to Service Manager and run a team of around 20 members of staff which has given me unparalleled management experience.
What is the most useful thing that you have learnt so far?
The most useful thing I have learnt so far is that I can trust in my abilities and that I can do anything that I put my mind too. Also, with the ever-changing nature of events, I would be lying if I said my improvisation skills had not received a drastic facelift too.
What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying?
To be confident in what they do and to believe in their abilities. Do not be afraid to ask questions and seize the moment, an opportunity is everywhere, you just have to take it.
What is your favourite thing to do in your free time?
In my spare time, I like to create content, I blog and share ideas and tips about cosmetics and fashion and just all the things that I feel others would like to know about. I think it is important to have a hobby that involves some kind of creative outlet. I also made some great friends here so on a Saturday we can usually be found at a cute brunch spot on the Lower East Side or taking a stroll around areas that we have not visited yet. I enjoy exercising and it is a great way to get out and see the city.
What is your favourite thing about the living experience?
I have had quite a unique living experience in that I have had two different apartments since living here, my second roommate I have become very close with and it’s great to have a morning coffee and bounce ideas off of each other, she is an actress/director/innovator and it is so interesting to hear all of her ideas and how she brings them to life. What I like most about living here is that everything is so central. Manhattan is very dense, which means that there is always something fabulous going on just a stone's throw away. If I want a glass of pinot noir, mozzarella dippers and to paint a photo of my dog on a Tuesday night then there is a place for that and if I want to lie in a Montauk salt cave to try to relax and destress then there is a place for that too and I love the versatility of that.
Tell us about how you are embracing other cultures and sharing your culture with others
I have found the people I work with have kind of thrust the culture upon me (which I love). I spent Thanksgiving with a friends family in New Jersey and had a really traditional Thanksgiving dinner and it was beautiful to see everyone sat around a table expressing what they are thankful for. My workplace location celebrates the holidays too and is always keen to get me involved in any festivities. I am fast to share my culture too and everyone is curious and intrigued and my integration into the team here has made everyone slightly more culturally well-rounded.
What do you hope that this opportunity will do for your future career/life?
I think this program has excelled my experience in the industry by years because of how face-paced it is. I feel confident walking into an interview knowing what I know and knowing that I will be able to perform the career role that I am applying for. Convene is also in talks of an opening in London, so what started as a year program could well turn into a full career for me with a company that I love.
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